Annie Mac challenges the music industry to address gender equality


Annie Mac heads up the latest initiative from SMIRNOFF’s “Equalising Music” campaign – the ‘Equalising Music Pledge’ – challenging each and every person in the music industry to do one significant thing for gender equality in 2019.

Annie Mac has announced the launch of the Equalising Music Pledge, a movement to shift the diversity dial and push for greater gender balance in the music industry.


The Equalising Music Pledge is the latest move by Smirnoff Equalising Music, a three-year, global, campaign to accelerate gender parity in the music industry. Endorsed by the PRS Foundation’s influential Keychange initiative and supported by Coda, Equalising Music is calling on everyone in the music industry to take direct action on gender equality, with Annie Mac challenging the industry at large to do one thing in 2019 to make music a more equal place through the Equalising Music Pledge.

Commenting on the launch, Annie Mac said: The music industry is still embarrassingly lopsided when it comes to gender parity. We are all acutely aware of the enormous contribution women make to this business, and yet there’s still so much work to be done to ensure they’re embraced and championed, both in front of and behind the scenes. 

Whilst progress across the industry is encouraging, lack of diversity is still an industry-wide problem. Only 17% of PRS for Music’s registered songwriters are female, the gender pay gap at major music companies averaged at 30% and only 15% of labels are majority owned by women.

With some way to go before women are afforded the same opportunities as their male counterparts and artists are no longer talked about in terms of their gender, this next phase of the Equalising Music initiative encourages everyone – from club and festival bookers to artists, industry leaders and music fans –  to step up and do one thing to ensure a gender-balanced future.

The music industry is beginning to take action against long-embedded, industry-wide inequality. Initiatives like PRS Foundation’s Keychange have fuelled a growing awareness of the issues women face and driven affirmative action, persuading more than 150 festivals to fulfil a 50/50 gender balance across their lineups by 2022.