kanye west bestival 2017

Bestival 2017 Increases the Peace with Kanye West


Kanye West is appearing at Bestival 2017, but not in a way you’d expect. The Bestival team have teamed up with madcap creatives, the Hungry Castle & Cool Shit crew to bring another ground breaking, iconic inflatable. Ladies & gentlemen, behold! It’s Happy (CREEPY) Kanye!

Spanish art collective Cool Shit is the internet in real-life. Making meme culture reality, they’ve been giving celebrities the larger than life treatment for the last four years, notably bringing Lionel’s Richie Head, which stood at a mere three and half metres tall, to Bestival in 2013.

kanye west bestival 2017

Now, with their latest creation, they’ve hit the motherlode. Riffing on one of the internet’s biggest ever memes, Sad Kanye, they’ve repurposed it for reality to give us their biggest and most positive project to date, Happy Kanye!

Standing over seven metres tall on a rainbow plinth at the epicentre of Cuckoo Clump, Happy Kanye will be bold and beautiful, a beacon of positivity encouraging Bestival-goers to step into the rainbow and celebrate our togetherness. And, just like in real life inside Kanye’s head is where the magic happens. A full interactive art experience, once inside it’s down to you to unify with your fellow party people and channel positive vibrations to the world.

Tickets for Bestival 2017 are on sale now, don’t miss headliners The xx, A Tribe Called Quest, Pet Shop Boys and more.