Bestival 2018 Announces Human Cannonball


Circus and immersive theatre have always been at the heart of Bestival, and this year Bestival is raising the high wire to bring you a circus-themed spectacular to blow your minds.

Celebrating 250 years of a world where only the most courageous and audacious need apply, Bestival are excited to welcome Human Cannonball, Rodrigo Pérez ,on the Lulworth Estate this 2-5 August 2018.


Rather than mere glitter, Bestival are shooting an actual person from a cannon! One of the most daring and dangerous acts ever to grace the circus, the Human Cannonball, is guaranteed to dazzle crowds this August at Bestival.

The Human Cannonball, Rodrigo Pérez  says: Firing yourself out of an enormous cannon takes a man of a high calibre. Luckily, I’m a cannonball kind of guy. Come and be amazed as I shoot through the sky, flying over your crazy, smiling faces.

Following his family tradition, Rodrigo Pérez is one of the world’s most acclaimed proponents of the art. Fired from the barrel of a custom-built cannon, Rodrigo will fly up to 25 metres through the air.

There are many more delights to be unveiled in the coming weeks including Bestival’s music line-up, circus feats, bearded ladies, sword swallowers, sideshow shenanigans and more.