bruno major

LISTEN :: Bruno Major – A Song for Every Moon {Playlist}


Introducing new artist Bruno Major, who has been writing, producing and recording one-song-a-month for the past 6 months. Bruno is a “must-see” among emerging acts performing at Bushstock and Latitude this summer.

Heavy of both melody and emotion, Fair-Weather Friend is the latest and most sultry of Bruno Major’s monthly releases. It is a lights-off, late-night ode to lost-love.

bruno major

It’s not often you come across an artist who sings with such powerful affection. Often the lyrics are joyfully relatable too, “you’re a mystery to me some days, that’s what keeps me sane”.

Other standout tracks on the singer’s A Song For Every Moon playlist include Easily and Just The Same; the latter a bass-heavy pop song about the highs and lows of loving someone unconditionally.

Bruno is also playing monthly residency shows, themed around the phases of the Moon. Following the first sold out show for Growing Moon, Bruno performs Flower Moon in May and Honey Moon in June, both taking place at Zigfrid Von Underbelly, Hoxton.

Tickets on sale now via Songkick.