LISTEN: Emma Kelly – Running Wild


Running Wild is the debut single from London newcomer Emma Kelly. With a distinct sound reminiscent of early Florence Welch, the 21-year-old artist pens intricate lyrics far beyond her years.

‘Running Wild’ inhabits a type of ambiguity that makes it hard to classify as happy or sad. Kelly’s bold powerhouse vocal lends the song an element of melancholy. But as soon the memorable piano hook rushes in, it’s clear the upstart’s debut is running for mainstream pop status.

Credit: Caro Pak

Filled with Emma’s morose vocal ad-libs, ‘Running Wild’ tells the dark story of a desire for escapism.

Emma says about the record: “The lyrical hook came to me quickly, and I wrote the song in around 2 hours. It was written during a low point, where I felt surrounded by people who think they know what is best for me. ‘Running Wild’ is saying it’s ok to take control over your own destiny. It doesn’t matter if you lose people along the way. I connect Running Wild to a family home up North where I feel I am most happy.”

Listen below and look out for live dates.