6 things about festival season we never thought we’d miss

2020, the year the music stopped. Sad girl summer has given us chance to reflect on all of the times we may have taken festival season for granted.

Here’s a list of the things about festival season that we never thought we would miss.

Sunset at Latitude

Spending £7 on a warm beer

All those hours queuing at the bar, waiting to spend your hard-earned cash on a warm cup of wine. Fond memories of warm festival beer include round trip adventures from the Pyramid Stage to the bar during Kylie Minogue’s greatest hits.

Having beer spilt on you

There’s always that one idiot pushing through the crowd, mid-set, with a full tray of beer. I’m that idiot, and I’m not sorry.

Losing friends and spending hours looking for them (or not) 

Getting lost at a festival is part of the experience. A moment of silence please for all of the new friendships we missed out on this summer.

Waking up in a sweaty tent 

Getting back to the tent at sunrise. Waking up around noon in a hot uncomfortable sweat. Feeling like your bladder is about to burst; only to go outside and suddenly it’s pissing it down and you’re shivering in a long queue for the port-a-loo wearing last night’s outfit and a pair of flip flops.

The mud

The wet mud that causes you to slip and fall on your arse. The rainy mud that ruins your favourite festival outfits. The dry mud that finds its way into your tent. The vintage mud you still haven’t cleaned off your wellies from last summer.

Running between stages to avoid set clashes 

The only thing we miss more than complaining about festival line ups, is the mad dash between stages when two of your favourite artists clash.

Queueing for the bar

Getting to the front of the bar queue after 6 hours with your Monzo card in hand, ready to be told it’s “cash only”. Seriously, where was the sign?

The savage comedown that sets in on Monday morning 

You know you’re missing festival season when you miss the comedown. If there’s anything we’ve learned during this pandemic – (other than to sing Happy Birthday while washing our hands) – it’s to absolutely never take live music or festival season for granted ever again.