Baby Queen sings candidly on new song ‘These Drugs’


Future festival headliner Baby Queen, aka Bella Latham, has delivered ‘These Drugs’, the follow-up to her earlier 2021 single ‘Raw Thoughts’.

I only wanted to escape my mind
For one night, know what happiness feels like
But the nightmare I’m ignoring is darker in the morning

Baby Queen – These Drugs

Baby Queen isn’t the first artist to sing about drugs. Her new song on the topic leans into the state of her mental health, more than another pop singer who is bored of the party lifestyle.

Drugs aren’t for everyone. They don’t make you cool. ‘These Drugs’ is a comfort blanket for anyone who has experienced a time where the drugs don’t work, to know they are not alone. That the high isn’t always worth the low, and that’s ok.

Her dark and devastating lyrics also express a desire to want to look better in the eyes of someone else.

If you saw me through the eyes of a bathroom stall
Your skin would crawl

Baby Queen – These Drugs

‘These Drugs’ is less of a cry for help, than it is a young self-aware artist who is learning how to love herself. It further shows Baby Queen’s emotional and creative maturity, as she channels her pain into her music.

Baby Queen strips back the glamour of the rock and roll drug lifestyle, showing it’s cooler to be self-aware and healthy. At the same time, the Gen-Z artist isn’t claiming to have it all figured out, as she admits ‘Sometimes I’m scared of myself.’

Check out the trippy music video for ‘These Drugs’ below!