“Blame It On Your Love”, Charli XCX reworks Track 10 with Lizzo


Charli XCX has released, “Blame It On Your Love,” featuring Lizzo. It’s a reworked version of “Track 10,” the iconic closing song on her most recent full-length project, 2017’s Pop 2 mixtape. It was produced by the legends Stargate, A.G. Cook, and Finn Keane.

Charli started teasing the Lizzo collab earlier this week, hyping it up online: “IMAGINE IF I MADE A SONG WITH @LIZZO AKA THE QUEEN OF EVERYTHING – WOULD U DIE??? I WOULD DIEEEEEEEE!!! PREP MY GRAVE ASAP WE GOT A BOP COMING THIS WEEK.” Dead.

In a tweet a couple weeks ago, Charli said: “i am working on new music and things are coming this year. i know i’m slow sometimes but i want things perfect. this new era will be all things Charli. kind of a continuation of pop 2 but also more Charli than ever before. no compromises, my best yet.”

Just when you thought Track 10 couldn’t get better. Charli dials it up. We are SO ready for this new era.