Bluedot 2016 – debut festival satisfies music lovers and science geeks alike

Jodrell Bank, Cheshire, was recently home to the debut of inaugural Bluedot festival; aimed at inspiring all that visited through ground breaking encounters including performances, DJ sets, comedy, workshops and live experiments.

Under the world-famous Lovell telescope, the long weekend presented the likes of Underworld and Jean Michel Jarre on the Lovell Stage, DJ Shadow on the Orbit Stage, The Spills on the Nebula Stage and Musaic on the Roots Stage. A strong line up with depth across an eclectic spread of genres.


Bluedot 2016 welcomed a diverse crowd – not what you might imagine from a self-confessed ‘Science Festival’. Patrons sported costumes ranging from geek to chic, all fabulous, and all contributing to an atmosphere accommodating both party reveller and academic alike.

The Katena Luminarium had a seemingly endless queue all weekend; tunnels and domes lit with endless explosions of colour. Quite the visual experience.

It was astonishing”, said 9-year old Sighanne Seaton from Luton, “the red was ravishing, and the blue was beautiful. It was fun, like a new world”.

Bluedot’s time-travelling Astronaut appeared three times a day – a physical performance depicting a time-travelling astronaut who returns from a ‘future earth’, to meet a girl that shows him there is still time to save our planet.

We’ve been growing the show over the past year”, said Mark who played the time-travelling Astronaut, “it’s been really positive, we had a lady tell us that she’d been struggling to educate her nine year old about climate change. We got through in twenty minutes what she’d been trying to teach her daughter for years, which is lovely”.

As far as boutique festivals go, Bluedot had [pretty much] everything. Stimulating educational exhibits proved fascinating; even for those without a scientific background. There was an added emphasis on girls getting involved in science – a clear message of how inclusive this subject is.

Overall, there was a variety of well-priced food, from Argentinian steaks, to Indian street cuisine. Generally speaking, queues were bearable – even for the toilets, which remained remarkably clean and usable throughout the weekend. Bluedot staff were lovely, well organised and friendly.