Bon Iver share anxiety lifting song of the pandemic, ‘PDLIF’ (Please Don’t Live In Fear)


In an effort to provide direct support to healthcare providers working on the frontline of the pandemic, Justin Vernon has released a brand-new track called “PDLIF” (Please Don’t Live In Fear) on digital services via record label Jagjaguwar.

100% of proceeds will be directed to Direct Relief, an organisation coordinating in the U.S. and worldwide to provide PPE and essential medical items to health workers responding to coronavirus (COVID-19).

Bon Iver believes in amplifying the good, giving back to those most in need, and rallying around our global community.

“PDLIF” is the first glimpse of new material from Bon Iver since 2019 album i,i, which he debuted at All Points East festival last summer.

Fear is a theme that runs through Vernon’s music. Known best for his introspect, Please Don’t Live In Fear is one of Bon Iver’s most accessible songs. Here his heart is wide open. 

At the bottom of the cover art, the symbols translate to “play it fucking loud” in wingding font.

Known for his introspective and emotionally wracked songs, ‘Please Don’t Live In Fear’ is a track that offers hope during this uncertain time.

The new track features contributions from friends of Bon Iver, old and new, including BJ Burton and Kacy Hill.

Though recorded and produced in isolation, the track traveled far, from one contributor to the next. It serves as a subtle reminder that, though apart, we are never alone; the importance of collaboration and community remains as strong as ever.