Cj Pandit shares cheerful heartbreak anthem ‘Right Person, Wrong Time’


Timing takes the blame for heartbreak on Cj Pandit’s new song, ‘Right Person, Wrong Time’.

One of our 21 for 2021 future festival headliners, here Cj Pandit’s irresistible indie vocal soars over cheerful art-pop production resulting in a flawless heartbreak anthem.

When it comes to romantic love, timing is often described as a funny thing. It’s something that feels increasingly impossible to get right, especially when living through an unprecedented global pandemic.

In his own words, Cj explains: “Right Person, Wrong Time came out of a wild summer in New York, and that heartbreak and intrigue as to why some things just don’t work out and come to an end. The feeling of change, and being able to see it taking place in real time is a really complex thing to comprehend, and I guess the only vessels I’ve had to help understand things like that have been music and art. 

Cj’s energetic, cheerful sound stems from his reflection that change, and the heartbreak that comes with it, is one of the many beautiful complexities of being human.

“Have you ever watched something disappear? It’s fleeting, lustful, upsetting but hopeful, and really fucking beautiful. I guess they’re all the things that make us human and this song is the first of many explorations of that.”