Farr Festival 2018 – ‘it’s coming home’ and record-breaking temperatures


From humble beginnings in 2009, Farr Festival knows what it’s doing. Located in Bygrave Woods, near Baldock, just half an hour away from Central London, Farr has evolved from a small gathering of like-minded friends into one of the UK’s leading electronic music festivals. With record breaking temperatures in the UK right now, it’s an exciting time to be at any festival.

Being one of the UK’s last standing boutique dance music festivals, Farr always guarantees a hedonistic escape soundtracked by an eclectic medley of producers, selectors and performers. The dance scene itself attracts hedonists on every level. Whatever your love, whatever your high. The crowd are on a level. Driven by the music. Driven by the buzz.

Photo by @jamesnorthphoto / @hirobjones

Dusty pathways lead ravers from wide open wheat fields, to natural amphitheatres hidden in the mystical forests. 8,000 hedonists and music tastemakers all up for the time of their lives. It’s not for the feint hearted. You see and experience things even your wildest drunken night could not imagine. Guys and girls dressed as glittery unicorns jamming in sync to Tom Misch. Couples hug on the floor as hundreds step over them staring up at the night sky.

Photo by @jamesnorthphoto / @hirobjones

52 shipping containers arranged into a rectangle formation with pulsating lighting form the festival’s Main Stage filled with 2500 ravers. Highlights of the weekend saw Jacques Greene, George FitzGerald, Mount Kimbie and Hertfordshire’s own Maribou State bring flawless vibes to the Factory. Melodic vocals driven by euphoric drops. Dreamy, imaginative, heart racing performances and a stunned crowd involved to the very end.

Photo by @jamesnorthphoto / @hirobjones

Over in the forest Gerd Janson, Dixon & DVS1 did what they do best when it comes to leaving a techno shaped mark deep into Farr’s foundations. Infectious energy and a love for deep, pure techno is found here. Constantly changing, pushing boundaries and giving artists a platform to play experimental sets. Farr Festival brings together a crowd who appreciate the true values of underground dance music.

New boys Geddes and Job Jobse tore up The Shack in the early hours, dropping tracks as significant as New Order’s Bizarre Love Triangle at just the right moment. Emotional.

Photo by @jamesnorthphoto / @hirobjones

The settings for Farr Festival 2018 could not have been more perfect. An experience you’d expect to find in the far corner of Glastonbury’s Shangri-La. With monumental sunsets and stunning sunrises, as the rest of the world slept Bygrave Woods left festival memories deep into the storybooks of everyone who shared its adventure.