We’ve lost dancing, but Fred Again.. doesn’t want you to be sad


Future festival headliner Fred Again.. can truly do no wrong. Along with The Blessed Madonna, he’s the man responsible for 2021’s euphoric and era-defining tune ‘Marea (We Lost Dancing)’.

‘Marea (We Lost Dancing)’ is the electronic banger that will soundtrack our emotional return to the dance-floor, and will forever exist as a reminder of the unprecedented times we lived through.

We’re the generation that lost a year of music. We lost a year of dancing. But Fred doesn’t want you to be sad:

“Instead of looking at this video as a compilation of things you’ve missed. I’d really, really REALLY recommend looking at it as a compilation of things that are to come. I just did that when I was watching it and yeh it’s one of the good feelings. What comes next Will be Marvellous ❤️”

Speaking about how his collaboration with The Blessed Madonna came about, Fred explains: “Marea and I met in Palestine around 5 years ago now. I call her my rave shaman. I think she’s that for a lot of other people too to be honest! Her ability to tell stories and share things has always been a particularly beautiful part of her beautiful mind so I guess it makes sense that i ended up making a song out of sampling one of our conversations! She’s a real hug of a human.”

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