Glastonbury 2020 is giving Taylor Swift the comeback party she deserves


In 2016, the Twitter hashtag #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty trended worldwide. In her new documentary, Taylor asks, “Do you know how many people have to be tweeting that they hate you for that to happen?”.

Currently on Spotify, Taylor Swift is the 21st most listened to artist in the world. Her recent Netflix documentary ‘Miss Americana’ lifts the curtain on Taylor’s songwriting process and what it takes to become a true feminist in 2020. Whatever you think about her music, Taylor Swift is a remarkable human being, and we couldn’t think of a stronger, more deserving headliner for Glastonbury’s 50th Anniversary. 

‘Miss Americana’ documents the many different battles Taylor has fought on her journey to stardom. The country singer turned international popstar has struggled with eating disorders, sexual assault, and legal rights to her own music. She stands up to bullies, accepts lessons, and is generally a positive role model for young people. 

Glastonbury Festival retains its ethos as a positive force for change both locally and internationally – and Taylor’s values align. After overcoming years of adversity in both her personal and professional life, Taylor Swift is boldly using her platform for good.

Historically, pop-stars, particularly women, have been encouraged against getting involved with politics. The Dixie Chicks were more or less blacklisted from country music after criticising President George W. Bush in 2003 during a concert in London, famously saying, “We’re ashamed that the president of the United States is from Texas.”

The controversy that followed clearly made an impression on Swift over the years. In her documentary, we witness Nashville executives advising Taylor to keep her political opinions to herself, lest she end up like the Dixie Chicks. In a powerful feminist move, the ‘Bad Blood’ singer decides to listen to her heart instead, and help rewrite history. 

Taken from the documentary, Taylor’s new single ‘Only The Young’ is another perfect anthem for her highly anticipated Sunday night Glastonbury headline performance.   

Maturing from teenage girl to grown woman with the whole world watching isn’t pretty or easy. Glastonbury 2020 sees Taylor Swift step onto the world stage to do the thing she does best, perform her songs and spread positivity, giving hope to future generations. 

We can’t wait to join the #TaylorSwiftIsNeverOverParty for Glastonbury’s 50th Anniversary. Haters gonna hate.