Catch up with emerging punk band The Dunts ahead of Scotland’s TRNSMT Festival


We caught up with emerging Scottish punk band The Dunts at Live at Leeds Festival to discover their bad decisions, who inspires their sound and how a daft hobby has turned into a bunch of sold out shows.

The Dunts have had a busy festival season; with their homecoming show at TRNSMT Festival just around the corner. Don’t miss their set on the King Tut’s Stage on Saturday 13th July alongside Jade Bird, The Hunna, Fontaines D.C. and loads more.

Are you looking forward to the set tonight?

Yeah we can’t wait! We’ve not played in the UK since January so we’re really excited to get back out there and smash it.

What’s the plan for today?

We want to grab some food after here and catch some bands. We’re going to watch a few Glasgow bands and we really want to see Sam Fender and Hotel Lux.

What’s the story? How did starting a band come about?

We went to high school together and all played instruments. When we got together we knew we wanted to make something of it – it sort of felt like a daft hobby before that point because we were all really young.

It’s rare to find an emerging punk band at the moment and really refreshing to hear something different! Who inspired you to create music? Who did you listen to growing up?

All the bands focused in NME. We listened to Busted and Green Day from being 7 years old and they inspired us to be in a band. There’s definitely an influence from bands like The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys there too. I think we’ll continue to evolve over time.

You recently played SXSW in Texas. How was that?

It was amazing! So mind-blowing to be over in America and have people come to see us. There were queues out of the door for both of the gigs that we played there. It’s a wee bit humbling as this all started because we just love music and then two and a half years later, we’re in Texas. The weather was amazing there too so it was just insane.

Where has been your most memorable gig to date?

Our first big gig was at Stereo in April 2018 and it was the first gig we played that was 14+ so until that point, we had no idea how many fans were of a younger age group. It sold out and was chaos! That was the first show where we were like ‘… holy shit man’. Reading was big for us too, we really enjoyed it.

Your EP’s were self-released. Are you hoping to be signed or are you enjoying having freedom and control over your music?

The freedom has been nice but we’re definitely hoping to be signed. The next step is the first album, so in terms of the first few EP’s it’s been good to have complete control, but in terms of an album release, it would be more beneficial to be signed.

You sold out venues in Glasgow such as Stereo and King Tuts. How did it feel selling out in your hometown? Is it strange having your family and friends in the crowd?

So good! It’s a nice comfort having family and friends there, although they always stand at the back now. They used to be up the front but then all the younger fans started coming to the gigs and it got mad. The last time we played Stereo we had about 30 people on the stage and somebody jumped off a speaker.

Do you still get nervous?

It depends on the gig and how smoothly the day is going. As soon as we get on the stage the nerves usually go away because we love it! The more we gig, the more we’ll get used to it.

You’ve got a few more festivals coming up like Hit The North, Camden Rocks and TRNSMT. Where else can fans catch you at this Summer?

We’re playing a festival in France in August which we’re very excited about! The booker actually saw us at South by Southwest and contacted us. There’s another one in Paris in September that hasn’t been announced yet so we can’t say any more, but there’s definitely plenty to look forward to!

What’s your new single ‘Bad Decisions’ about? Is the title self-explanatory?

Yeah! Our manager Jim asked us for a quote on what our new single was about and we said ‘Bad Decisions is about when you make decisions that are bad’. It’s a pretty blunt song that’s self-explanatory when you listen to the lyrics. We originally called it Off White. It’s basically about being on a night out with your pals and you don’t know when to quit – that moment when you wake up after a big night staring at your ceiling, wondering why you didn’t call it a night earlier. It’s based on about 200 versions of the same story! We didn’t sleep last night so it’s becoming a recurring theme with us.

Have you got any more surprises up your sleeve for us?!

We’ve still got quite a bit of the year to go but we’ll be making some more music and focusing on enjoying our festivals we have coming up!