‘I’m not going to stop eating so I can look a certain way.’ –Girl talk with BAUM at SXSW 2018

Casually chilling outside The Sidewinder in Austin before her SXSW performance, BAUM represents the next generation of pop starlets. The best way to describe this girl is unapologetically bad ass. Following in the footsteps of Lorde, it seems that this generation are in full control of their image and artistry.

Not only is it BAUM’s first time playing SXSW, it’s also her first time in Austin. “The people here are really friendly, which makes me relaxed. SXSW is just like a big party! I’ve been here almost a week. Last night I caught a bunch of cool people like Noah Cyrus and Kitten.”


Born in New York, but based in Los Angeles, she’s perfected her craft as a teller of self-aware, honest stories of heartbreak and hope. Newest single, “This Body,” tells a personal story of being cat-called and overcoming body image issues by promoting a message of self-love and positivity.

BAUM’s introductory EP, Ungodly, shares a narrative based around the various transitions she experienced in becoming an adult. “The whole project is about a very instrumental time in my life growing up. Late high school / early college time where you’re trying out different behaviours and being self-destructive. I thought I was so rebellious, smoking cigarettes when I was 16 – that kind of thing.”

BAUM recalls overcoming fears about pursuing a career in the music business. “Honestly, when I was a kid my grandparents were weary about me going into music. It’s a male-dominated industry, less so now, but it’s usually all men in meetings and it’s intimidating.”

A self-described “feminist bitch”, BAUM hopes to create music that inspires universally, but more importantly – that help others feel a sense of empowerment. “I feel obligated as an artist to be myself. I think if everybody is unapologetically themselves then things will change for the better. This is my body. This is what I look like. This is what I’m supposed to look like. I’m not going to stop eating so I can look a certain way.”