Backstage with Larkins at Neighbourhood Weekender


Following on from a breakthrough 2018 that saw Larkins make their mark on the UK new music scene, the Manchester-based four-piece are gearing up for a loud 2019.

We caught up with them at NBHD Weekender in Warrington.


How do you feel about your set today on the Viola Beach stage?

Thanks! It was really good. We were surprised there were so many people there. You sometimes have to win people over but there were people there ready to go which was nice for us.

You’re playing Y Not Festival in a few months – what other festivals can fans catch you at this Summer?

We’re playing in Amsterdam and Germany and a big one in the UK, but we can’t tell you too much!

Is it true that you formed the band at a young age?

Yeah we formed the band when we left college. In college we were tired of the standard classes and so thought the band was a good idea!

You’ve gained nearly 80,000 monthly listeners on Spotify since the release of your debut EP in 2016. How does it feel to have released an album? What made you decide to release Live at Albert Hall?

There were loads of reasons why we wanted to record that show. The room was beautiful and Manchester is our hometown show so it felt important to us. There were 2000 people screaming on a record, which was amazing for us, so it felt like a waste not to release it. It felt mad for us to get to that point! It was good for us to portray ourselves in that way as a live band too.

BBC Radio 1 made your new single TV Dream track of the week last week. What’s the track about?

It’s about the idea of romance and bringing that back into the modern day – focusing on the aspect of society not believing in it as much any more. You read so much about how beautiful romance used to be and how easy it was but these days it doesn’t seem that real any more.

Who inspired you to create music?

Our parents’ record collections definitely first inspired us to make music. They listened to a lot of Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan, so they were definitely a huge part of our lives growing up.

Who will you be watching this weekend?

We’ll definitely be watching Primal Scream, George Ezra, Richard Ashcroft and The Vaccines!

You’ve sold out venues in Manchester and played gigs in the USA and Europe. Where in the world would you love to play next?

Our photographer grew up in Singapore and he loves it so we’d love to go there. Vietnam would also be amazing. We’re also going to LA in a few months for two showcase nights, which we’re really looking forward to.

Which venue are you most looking forward to playing on your UK tour?

We’re announcing a big one in London that we’re really excited about. The Wardrobe in Leeds will be great! King Tuts in Glasgow will also definitely be a milestone venue for us.

Three years ago you were playing small gigs and now you’re signed and you’ve just announced a huge UK tour. How does that feel?

It’s a weird feeling but we’ve worked really hard for it and we’ve never doubted we wouldn’t be able to do it. Playing Manchester Albert Hall and being played on Radio 1 were moments that felt very surreal for us but we’ve worked full time until we could play music full-time, so we feel it’s well deserved.