Backstage with Sunset Sons at Barn On The Farm

We were told never to ask Sunset Sons to choose between music and surfing. Surfing is what brought them together, it’s what still shapes how they live their lives and what inspires them to make the music that they do. Without surfing, there wouldn’t be songs. For now, however, the waves will have to wait.

We caught up with Sunset Sons backstage in a corn field at the UK’s Best Independent Festival, Barn on the Farm.


How would you describe Barn on the Farm to someone who’s never been before?

Pete: Well… we’re Barn on the Farm virgins!

Rory: …But we’ve heard amazing things. When we tell people we’re playing Barn on the Farm they’re like ahhh, that festival’s sick. And we know it won the award for Best Independent Festival.

Have you had chance to see anyone else play?

Rory: Yeah, Nathan Ball. We got here and went straight to see Nathan Ball. Love him, he’s rad!

Are you guys starting to feel pressure or still having all the fun?

Rory: Nah, we’re having all the fun. We have loads of fun. But if you haven’t got the pressure, it means no one’s interested and no one’s talking about you.

Pete: It’s serious fun. There’s less pressure now, we got food on the table every night!

Rob: I got food right here!

Rory: If there’s pressure, we clearly haven’t noticed it.

We gotta ask, what’s the first love, music or surfing?

Pete: Golf.

Jed: It’s impossible to choose.

Rory: Surfing’s not easy, but it is a lot of fun.

Rob: If it was easy it wouldn’t be cool.

What’s the craziest experience you’ve ever had with a fan?

Pete: Someone tried to pee in Rory’s mouth once.

Rory: I was in a queue for the toilet and the guy came over, he was a big fan of the band, and he said why the hell are you queuing? You shouldn’t be queuing. And got down on his knees and just, you know…

Pete: He basically insinuated Rory should pee in his mouth.

Jed: So Rory pees all over his head.

True story?

Rory: No, I did not urinate all over his head.

Pete: That’s what drink and drugs will do to you kids.

Rory: Everything in moderation.

Pete: Even moderation.

If you could organise your own festival, who would you choose to headline and why?

Jed: Tough question. Hendrix?

Rory: That’s a fucking good one. After watching The Hives yesterday, I’d choose them. Why they’re already not headlining festivals baffles me.

Pete: They probably are headlining…

Rory: No. We saw them at Leeds Festival and they weren’t headlining! They should be headlining. Why aren’t they headlining?

Pete: Rory really likes The Hives. They aren’t headlining, so he wants to give them the little boost they need with our imaginary festival.

Rory: We choose The Hives.

What did you think of Kanye West’s headline performance at Glastonbury?

Rory: I wanted him to prove everyone wrong, but he didn’t… His first three songs were awesome, I was dancing and singing along. Then he started doing songs from his new album, and it was just a bit sh*t. No one wants to hear him cursing like that… You gotta please the crowd man.

Pete: Poor Kanye. How will he ever get over it? Back in his mansion tomorrow…

What’s next for Sunset Sons after Barn on the Farm?

Rory: We’re looking forward to playing Barn on the Farm and then more festivals, including Boardmasters. Should be good fun.