Backstage with The Riptide Movement at T In The Park

The Riptide Movement need no introduction in Ireland, and the boy’s infectious sound is beginning to spread far and wide. Signed to Universal and still calling all the musical shots, The Riptide Movement’s latest album Getting Through raced straight to the top of the Irish charts. If you don’t know, get to know.

We caught up with Mal, Gerard, JP and Gar moments after playing the BBC Introducing Stage at T In The Park, 2015.

Congratulations on smashing the BBC Introducing Stage. How was that?

JP: If you were reviewing, I’d say amazing. It’s our first time playing T In The Park, and we had a great crowd in the tent. They made it really fun for us… Everyone should go to our next gig!

Gar: This is our first time playing a festival in Scotland, and it’s been a great introduction…We’ll hopefully have to come back soon because the crowd are one of the best.

How would you describe T in the Park to someone who’s never been before?

Gerard: Sunny and muddy. The line-up is unbelievable! They seem to have all the superstars here this year.

JP: T In The Park feels a lot like Oxygen Festival in Ireland. It’s a shame because Oxygen has finished in Ireland, but T in the Park reminds me of Oxygen. It’s big, and the line-up is incredible!

Tell us more about festivals in Ireland?

Gar: We just played a boutique festival called Sea Sessions, that one’s really cool and it’s only 5,000 capacity. The main festival for us at home in Ireland is Electric Picnic. I think that’s around 40,000 capacity. Florence and the Machine are headling along with Blur, Interpol, The War on Drugs. And us, we’re playing! It’s a quirky one too, there’s a pirate ship in the woods and loads of secret things to find.

If you were organising your own festival, who would you choose to headline and why?

Gerard: I was at AC/DC on the 1st July in Dublin, and they never disappoint. So I’d choose them to kick off the show. And then Gar’s next band will come on…

Gar: I’ve drawn a complete blank. Come back to me…

Mal: Maybe The Rolling Stones, or Pink Floyd.

Gerard: It’s funny you mention that, The Rolling Stones gave AC/DC their first big break in the 80s. They did a massive festival, I think it was around 100,000 people and AC/DC stole the show.

JP: I’d like to see Van Morrison headline a festival. Especially in the sunshine, he’d bring the Pimm’s O’ Clock vibe.

We love the video for All Works Out, did you guys come up with the idea?

Mal: No, sadly not. I’d love to say we did because it’s genius, but we didn’t. There’s a really cool director at home called Thomas Heffernan, he came up with the idea. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is one of our favourite movies, and it really suited the song. It’s become an anthem for mental health at home. Which is mad. Pardon the pun.

Gerard: It was great actually making the video, because we had a brilliant cast and everyone involved in the set gave it everything. We did it in two days. And that’s what it’s all about, it’s the same when you’re in the studio working on an album, you work really hard and feel rewarded at the end.

Would you say you’ve perfected the ‘Riptide’ sound now, or will you experiment again with the fourth album?

Mal: Yeah, I think we’re only really beginning. Working on Getting Through is the first time we ever worked with a producer. We’ve seen what we’re capable of and it’s opened a whole new world for us. Already we’re working on the fourth album and it’s kind of gone in a new direction again. We’re really excited about the next album…

If you weren’t in a band, what else would you be doing?

JP: Teach! I think teaching’s an important job. I’d like to mold minds.

Mal: I’d still do something creative. Maybe a painter. I like to paint…

Gar: I’d like to be a dog.

Gerard: You’d be a dog? What kind of dog would you be?

Gar: I’d be a wolfhound.

Gerard: Dream big lad. I’d probably be a vet…

What advice do you have for anyone trying to break into the music industry?

Gar: Play. Play as many shows as you can, and to as many people as you can. The live show really counts.

Gerard: Be 100% behind what you’re doing. If you believe in yourself, then there’s no boundaries.