Backstage with The Snuts at TRNSMT Festival


Already garnering a massive following in Scotland and across the UK and with support from the likes of BBC 6 Music, Radio 1, Clash and Dork Magazine, The Snuts are one of the most exciting bands around.

Having graced the stages of Benicàssim, The Great Escape, Live At Leeds and Mad Cool, the band return to TRNSMT for a homecoming performance ahead of supporting Lewis Capaldi on his UK tour this winter.


Today was a big homecoming performance for you and the crowds were huge! How did you feel?

Great! It was first time we’ve played in Scotland this year and it was a big milestone for us, so it was an emotional performance. It was all about trying to give fans something special!

You played the King Tuts stage last year and this year you’ve progressed to the Main stage, bringing in loads of fans for an afternoon slot. Did you prefer playing the Main stage?

It was the scariest gig we’ve ever played in our life but we loved it! We walked out and the combination of the 20 something degrees and the lights hitting us was ridiculous. It’s really humbling to have such a big crowd.

You formed in 2015 and now you’re here, playing huge UK and European festivals. How did you get to where you are today?

It was a case of wanting to be here through hard work – we made sure we worked 9-5 every day and then practiced playing music at night and we really gave it our all.

How was Mad Cool Festival last week?

Really good! We went down early to see Lewis Capaldi who was on at 5.30 and we weren’t playing until 2.30 in the morning – so it was a big night in 40 degree heat! We flew home last night so we’re knackered but it was a great experience.

What’s your latest release ‘All Your Friends’ about?

It’s about the drug epidemic in Scotland that no one really wants to talk about. It was a touchy subject when we released it, but that was sort of the point. A lot of it doesn’t get covered on social media so for us, it was about putting a twist on a subject like that. We tried to take something personal and interesting and get it across through our music.

Why did you choose Inflo to produce the single?

It was something that came naturally to us – we were supposed to have a trial week in LA and we ended up staying there for 3 and half weeks pushing through it. We’re working from totally different backgrounds in totally different places, with totally different styles so we’re clashing –  but in a beautiful way at the moment. It’s difficult being an indie band where people are quick to compare you to another indie band – so it’s great to work with Inflo and pick up that different style of music.

We love your acoustic version of Glasgow – do you have plans to record any other acoustic tracks?

When we record tracks as acoustic versions, we’re usually terrified because we tend to put them together last minute. Then when we listen back we’re like ‘huh this is actually pretty good’.  It’s something we will definitely work on because playing acoustic to each other at house parties is where we first started.

You’re also playing Y Not Festival, Kendal Calling and Reading & Leeds this Summer – did you ever expect to be playing festivals when you were growing up around the music scene?

Absolutely! We didn’t expect it, but it’s something that we craved and aspired towards. We worked really hard for this and that’s exactly why we’re here – that craving definitely drives you.

Your sound is fast paced indie, mixed up with heavy riffs and a big element of rock n’ roll. Has it always been this way or has it developed over time?

It’s always developing – every release is different to our last and it’s probably gonna stay that way. It’s about trying to put something out there so our fans stay interested and so do we. What’s the point in creating an album that somebody else has already done? It’s always about finding something new and fresh for our fans.

You’ve got a UK tour coming up in September taking you through to the end of the year – what comes after that for you? Can we expect an album?

We’re working on something now that we’ve been working on basically our whole lives! We’re focusing on putting that out there to as many people as we can. We want to play that live and repeat this year, but better.