‘People are relating to my shit. There is no pressure.’ – Hanging out with Tom Grennan at British Summer Time Hyde Park


Tom Grennan is everywhere it at the moment. His new single, ‘Found What I’ve Been Looking For’, premieres tonight (10th July) on BBC Radio 1 as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record in the World.

You’ll know Tom by now from his collaboration with Chase & Status, and more recently Bugzy Malone. We caught up with him before playing the Summer Stage at British Summertime Hyde Park ahead of Kings of Leon.

After performing with Chase & Status, how does it feel to be playing solo at big festivals like BST Hyde Park?

It’s mad. I can’t wait for today. It’s a lot different when you’re performing on your own. People are relating to my shit. There’s no extra pressure, it’s just cool that people are coming out to see me and getting to know me as an artist and my songs.

You feature on Bugzy Malone’s forthcoming single ‘Memory Lane’, how did that collaboration come about?

Bugzy Malone did ‘Don’t Stop’ with Chase & Status, he heard my stuff and we ended up linking and wrote ‘Memory Lane’ together, we shot the video for it and it’s dropping soon.

Your ‘Release The Breaks’ EP feels really personal. Where do you find inspiration for lyrics?

I don’t really plan out, ‘today I’m going to write about this’… I just draw from experiences. Stories me & my friends have done, people I meet have done. My favourite song on that EP is probably ‘Giving It All’, because it’s so fun to play.

Did you make it to Glastonbury this year?

Yeah I went as a punter for the first time, it was sick. Music-wise my highlight was Foo Fighters. But I’m well into electro-swing music so I went to a few of those acts.

What are your best tips for dealing with a festival comedown?

My Monday after Glastonbury was sweet, I knew I had an important day so after going big on Friday night I took it easy. But I’d say good food and a bit of Netflix sorts you out.

If you were organising your own festival – who would you choose to headline & why? (dead or alive)

That’s easy. Amy Winehouse.

Headline show at Union Chapel was a big moment for you. What was it like playing in a church? And what would be your dream venue?

It was cool. It was different. I swear a lot, and I felt bad for swearing and stuff. I was a bit ill that day, so my voice was strained but it was still a sick gig. I’d say my dream venue to play would be Royal Albert Hall, or Wembley Stadium.

You’re playing some bigger venues on the Autumn tour. Can we expect new music from you before then?

Yeah. There is an album coming, but I’m still in the process of writing it and planning it out.  I have a new single, ‘Found What I’ve Been Looking For’, coming out next week. It’s Annie Mac’s Hottest Record on Monday (10th July), and I’m playing it in my set today.  So yeah, there will be new stuff on the next tour.

What advice would you give to anyone trying to make it in music?

Don’t listen to anyone, do you. Be yourself. And just keep going. Even if you have shit tunes, keep going.