‘Don’t get fucked until you’ve put your tent up.’ – Festival advice from VANT

The time has almost come for Oxfordshire’s Truck Festival – it’s so close we can almost taste it. And with the festival comes an incredible lineup to satisfy even the most dedicated indie and rock fans.

One of many who stand out across the weekend are political punk group VANT. We caught up with Mattie to find out what to expect from their set.

Your latest single Karma Seeker has been received amazingly by both fans and critics alike. What’s the story behind the track?

It’s about living in the moment rather than constantly pursuing your future. It’s purposely open to interpretation, more philosophical and shows a different side to us which is equally important.

Are you yourself a believer in Karma – what goes around, comes around and all that sort of stuff?

Not particularly. I think this world would be a much better place if Karma was dealt equally. Corporation Karma would be incredible, unfortunately our omnipotent higher powers seem to have been awfully quiet as of late.

A lot of your tracks touch on important political topics that most would shy away from, how important do you feel it is to get the message across through your music?

It’s important to address atrocities in whatever field you pursue, music just happens to be our preferred platform. Everyone is becoming more angry and concerned about the state of our planet. We have messed with this planet for far too long pursuing personal greed and we need to start striving for greater levels of equality and a more even spread of wealth. The time has come to fight for our future.

What artists past and present have inspired the music you make today?

Neil Young is my biggest inspiration he has maintained passion for his beliefs throughout his career and continues to express his opinions through his most recent albums. I also admire Bjork, Beyoncé, MIA, PJ Harvey, The Clash and any artist that uses their position to raise awareness about urgent problems.

How does the creative process work as a band? Who does what in terms of melodies/lyrics and so on?

I write all the lyrics and the majority of the songs structurally. Henry and myself write and refine the music together and take it into a rehearsal room where Billy and Greenie add the finishing touches. We’ve grown so much as a band over the last 12 months that we’re at a point now where we will start to write together a lot more as the project develops. Four heads are better than one.

How has festival season been for you guys so far and are any favourites that have stood out for the band?

It’s been great. Glastonbury was special but my highlight was opening the main stage at Best Kept Secret festival in the Netherlands. We love the Netherlands so much, they’ve really embraced us out there and continue to support what we’re doing.

This is your first year playing Truck Festival. What are you expecting?

It is indeed. We can’t wait, I’ve heard great things, it’s a pretty awesome line up this year as well!

What can we look forward to from your set?


Are there anyone you’re hoping to catch perform while you’re at Truck Fest?

I’ve always wanted to see Jurassic 5. A lot of our friends are playing this year as well; Catfish, Clean Cut Kid, The Big Moon, Yonaka, Black Honey, Spring King, Get Inuit, Inheaven, the list goes on!

Are there any tips you’d offer to first time festival goers?

Don’t get fucked until you’ve put your tent up. Bring plenty of water and fruit.

If you were to organise your own festival – who would you choose to headline and why?

Neil Young because no-one will ever be as good as him in our lifetime and his messages (unfortunately) continue to be so, so timeless and relevant.

What comes next for you guys after festival season? Can we expect an album anytime soon?

We have an EP out on August 5th and a lot of touring in Autumn / Winter which will be announced soon. The album will be out at the start of 2017.

Where would you like to see the band in 5 years time?

At the forefront of a movement to save our planet and in a position to help as many people as we possibly can in the process.