Backstage with Vistas at Live At Leeds

Scottish lads Vistas spiralled into the music scene in 2016 with their creation of high energy indie-pop records. We had a chat with vocalist Prentice and guitarist Dylan ahead of their set at Live at Leeds Festival to get to know them a little better!

The boys reveal how their first UK tour went and what surprises they have in store for us over the next year.


Are you excited to play the Trinity Stage today? What can fans expect from the set?

Absolutely! Essentially a half hour of jam-packed, upbeat indie!

How did Vistas form, were you all friends before hand?

Yeah Graham, Jamie and I were in a band in high school and I was also in a different band with Dylan. Back then, we just did it for fun, but then we managed to get booked for a small festival in Scotland and after that we were like “we’ve got to try to actually make something of this”. The three of us went away, did some planning and then brought Dylan in to play guitar – then forming Vistas.

Choosing a band name must be a difficult, how did you pick yours?

We heard an interview that said good band names have two syllables then I came across Vistas and loved it. It’s a Spanish word that means a big open view.

Who are your favourite artists or bands at the moment?

Fickle Friends, Magic Gang, The Vaccines… We love Circa Waves too, we played with them last night which was cool! We mostly listen to upbeat indie bands.

Who are you hoping to watch today?

Hopefully we’ll catch Bloxx, our mates Touts, The Vaccines and Circa Waves!

Do you write all of your own lyrics? What do you focus them on?

Yep we write them all! It depends what’s happening in our lives at that time. That’s what’s in our minds so that’s what’s easiest to write about. There comes a degree of exaggeration, which I think is allowed when you write because you’re expressing in such an artistic format but we try to be as honest as we can in our lyrics.

What’s your new release ‘Calm’ about?

The word calm has become really important for us recently because we can get stressed a lot! So it’s an appropriate, relevant fit. The song is basically about someone in your life like a boyfriend or girlfriend who keeps you calm.

You’re playing a few festivals this year like Dot to Dot and Great Escape. What others can we catch you at?

We’re playing Liverpool Sound City and a few that aren’t announced yet. We’ve got quite a busy May with four festivals this month and we can’t wait. This is our first time playing them, so really exciting times for us!

Tell us about your first full UK tour with Touts…

It was class! It’s great to be on the road for two weeks solid when you haven’t done that before – it’s like a baptism of fire but it gets you used to everything that you need to do as a touring band. We also went on tour with Marsicans back in March which was really fun.

What can fans expect from you over the next year?

We’ve got another single coming out at the end of next month called Tiger Blood. We’re trying to play as many shows as we can and then hopefully a longer release some time in October – then eventually an album when it’s ready!