Ben Howard’s new band A Blaze of Feather release ‘EP 1’

Mystery surrounded A Blaze Of Feather when the band’s name appeared on festival line ups including Boardmasters, Citadel and Latitude. We soon learned A Blaze of Feather is a new music collective, led by Mickey Smith – Ben Howard’s long-standing guitarist and friend.

The band’s self-titled debut album, due June 30th, was produced by Nat Wason on Cornwall’s west coast, with sessions soundtracked by the “raging Atlantic”. Listen to EP 1 below.

Mickey explains: The songs that form this self-titled debut LP were sparked amongst the Winter storms that haunt the west coasts of Ireland and Cornwall. Touring and living on the road away from family can take their toll and it’s only after you return you really know the cost. Each one of us walks our own thread of sanity. For myself, the strange hope of fatherhood flickers amongst the shadows of grief and memories of loved ones lost.

I count myself lucky to play in a band that offers sanctuary on many levels and shape shifts so instinctively together. It’s a rare understanding to share and something we don’t take for granted. This past year has spun by so fast we weren’t at all ready to match its pace, but we’ve rolled on as best we can. We have only just finished recording this record, most tracks were put down live and spontaneously. Now we are standing back and taking a look at the whole picture.