London Grammar find clarity on powerful ballad ‘Big Picture’, produced by Jon Hopkins


Another gorgeous release from London Grammar. Big Picture is the second single from London Grammar’s second album, the follow-up to 2013’s If You Wait. The song premiered during Mistajam show at BBC Radio 1. 

Produced by the one and only Jon Hopkins, singer Hannah explains the meaning of the song is: “quite complicated. A friend of mine had a really difficult time when we were touring and something kind of terrible happened in his personal life. It’s [about] when someone does something really shitty to you, basically. Everyone can relate to that. So, when someone else goes through it, you then think of a time that you’ve experienced that and it just was kind of really simple. Lyrically it’s a really simple message. in a way. It’s kind of like. “Fuck you”

Only now do I see the big picture
But I swear that these scars are fine
Only you could’ve hurt me in this perfect way tonight
I might be blind but you’ve told me the difference
Between mistakes and what you just meant for me
Don’t say you ever loved me
Don’t say you ever cared
My darkest friend

The band worked with renowned video director Sophie Muller to create a widescreen visual concept, vivid enough to reflect the track itself.