Cambridge band Lonely The Brave play a loud headline set at Club Academy, Manchester


Manchester’s Club Academy welcomes a mixed crowd through its doors. Wherever they pulled you in along the way, Lonely The Brave have started a movement. Anticipation from the crowd brings together the sense that history is about to be made.

The five piece rock band pack on to the stage, and waste no time in delivering the goods. Lonely The Brave’s full, tight arrangement brings a clean and well-controlled sound. The guitar work in particular is something rather special. In the nature of an introvert, lead singer David Jakes doesn’t look up much from the floor. It’s refreshing to see a band’s frontman fall helplessly into the music surrounding him, allowing the instruments to guide the story.  

Tonight’s set-list is a treat for the crowd. Songs taken from latest record The Day’s War sound even better live. It becomes clear during River River that these are the anthems we need on our main-stages at festivals for years to come.

Starting off stripped back before breaking into anthem, Science shows Lonely The Brave’s fans are equally committed to the riffs as they are to the lyrics. It’s pretty magical.

The Blue and The Green also welcomes mass sing-a-long, with David’s powerful gruff vocals stirring all kinds of emotion in the crowd: I wanna know what it’s like, so I can feel it inside. Lonely The Brave have created a record you keep in your heart forever. We’re talking about songs that play during epic moments in the soundtrack to your life.