The Skints at Gorilla, Manchester – ‘feels good to be back in manny, man!’


When it comes to support acts, Hollie Cook and General Roots are the type of act you arrive early for. As Cook warms up the sold-out crowd, it’s gratifying to see such a diverse group of people showing love and supporting the scene.

It’s Friday night, and East London reggae/ska crew The Skints are in town. More than the usual hype, The Skints have created an air of feverish anticipation. Fans know something special is about to go down.

Feels good to be back in Manny man. There’s no such thing as a North–South divide tonight. FM Intro: DJ Mr. Versatile Breakfast Show introduces the show; a tribute to the pirate radio stations broadcast without authorisation during the 60s. Latest single ‘This Town’ sets the happy skankers in motion.

Mid-set, The Skints switch up the flow with their infamous dub cover of Katy B – On A Mission. Instant crowd pleaser. Next, it’s time to get down to business. FM business. Their latest album ticks all the boxes and is truly worthy of its critical acclaim. Not only does Josh Waters have mad skills on the drums, his soaring vocals add an effortless rasp of soul to every beat.

Reggae master Tippa Irie calls for hands in the air: When I say reggae you say Skints. Reggae, Skints. Reggae, Skints. When I say more you say fire. More, fire. More, fire. Bringing the night to a close, it doesn’t get much better than notorious grime MC and rhyming champion Rival appearing on stage sporting a Man United shirt.

Wrapping up with some Black Flag punk, we’re told: don’t worry about tomorrow. And with that, a fan slings her bra on stage in direction of a startled and smiling Joshua Waters.

If this is the vibe The Skints bring to a gig venue, we can’t wait to see what they bring to festival season. Summer 2015 belongs to reggae! Check out The Skints performing live at BoomTown Fair last August.