Local Natives share ethereal ‘Sour Lemon’ EP, featuring Sharon Van Etten


When life gives you a new Local Natives EP, play it on repeat.

L.A. band Local Natives have returned with the release of ‘Sour Lemon’, a four-track EP recorded in late 2019. ‘Sour Lemon’ arrives as the follow-up to 2019’s ‘Violet Street’ LP, which gave us the instant classic ‘When Am I Gonna Lose You’ (– A question that remains unanswered).

Departing from soaring festival-ready anthems; new EP ‘Sour Lemon’ sees Local Natives return to their more delicate, musing side. Straight to the heart, each song is as dreamy as the next; tangled up in nostalgia and moments of reflection.

Commenting on the timing and arrival of their new EP, the band explained: “We’re always working on new music, but songs tend to come at their own pace. There’s something freeing about writing without the goal of an album in mind. It feels like waking up for class only to realise that it’s Saturday and you can sleep in as long as you want. The songs on Sour Lemon each have their own long histories but they all finally decided to arrive at the same time. Rather than waiting, we decided to share them as soon as we could.”

It’s been a sour year for many of us, but there’s no bitter taste on this EP. In a career spanning over 10 years, Local Natives somehow always manage to conjure up something new; all the while holding onto their signature Southern California indie-rock sound.

The EP’s opening song, ‘Lemon’, features friend and collaborator Sharon Van Etten. A match made in heaven. The video for ‘Lemon’, directed by Kenny Laubbacher, features Local Natives’ Taylor Rice and Van Etten strolling on opposite sides of the Los Angeles River.

The L.A. River makes you laugh
You say, why’s a gutter got a name like that?

Local Natives – Lemon (feat. Sharon Van Etten)

By avoiding the present, you sometimes find yourself very much in it, as demonstrated on the EP’s stand-out song ‘Lost’. The musing track features a minimal, intentional production that allows you to appreciate the vocal tones and emotions.

And now you seein’ so clear
Can’t go back and you can’t stay here

Local Natives – Lost

Local Native’s ability to conjure intricate verses and dress them in beautiful melodies is demonstrated perfectly on ‘Future Lover’. The band are hugely successful at producing confessional, personal music that still resonates with the listener. The lyrics pine for a future lover, while the production flirts with nostalgia.

Take a sip on ‘Sour Lemon’ below.