My SXSW 2018 diary, day five – Kim Petras, Khalid, AJ Tracey

With every booker and promoter wanting them on their showcase, I headed down to Austin Convention Centre to meet Lola Marsh before their second show of many at SXSW. These guys are high on life and their music is finding its way around the world.

An honest and lovely interview talking music, fashion, fate and chance meetings made me fall in love with them. No ego, pure talent and big hearts. Drawing comparison to Lana Del Rey, you can expect big things from Lola Marsh.

After lunch on Rainey Street, consisting of more tacos, margaritas and enough Malteasers to make you never want to see a Malteaser again at Malteaser House – I headed to Sidewinder for a chat with Sam Himself.

Also performing at the Sidewinder for Fancy PR’s showcase are two exciting new female talents, Hoodlem, and Baum. Both are switched on and ambitious. I chat to each of them about feminism, musical influences and changing the game.

Interviews done I make my way to Palm Door on Sixth where a huge crowd awaits Charli XCX ‘Pop 2’ collaborator Kim Petras. The feisty German-born and Los Angeles-based songstress powers up a new pop paradigm, sharing intimate lovelorn storylines over explosive production. It’s chaos as Kim leaves the stage with everyone lined up for a selfie with pops new princess.

Sony’s #LostInMusic showcase featured an innovative spatial audio experience, and the launch of PlayStation®VR featuring an exclusive headline performance from America’s most popular teen, and R&B star, Khalid.

From American Teen to British dream. Grime stars first invaded SXSW back in 2016 when the likes of Jay Prince, Shakka, Stormzy and Ghetts made there mark. Fast forward to 2018 and grime continues to take America.

This year, it’s the turn of AJ Tracey. AJ’s addictive sound combines the razor sharp wit of UK street music with an array of international rap influences. Tracey’s US profile began to develop after he featured on REDMERCEDES with Aminé and Missy Elliot. AJ whips the American crowd into a frenzy with hits from Secure The Bag!.

I end my night at The Belmont where Wu-Tang Clan members RZA and U-God cover the crowd in Grey Goose. Only at SXSW.