Nick Mulvey brings his twist on folk music to Albert Hall, Manchester


Nick Mulvey built his fan-base during a very busy festival season last summer. With only one album under his belt, Nick sells out The Albert Hall in Manchester.

Tonight’s stage is lit under a deep red hue, interrupted by the occasional blinding white light. A shy and overwhelmed Nick appears on stage, opening with a signature carnivalesque instrumental. After a solid history of solo acoustic sets, Nick is joined this evening by a wealth of musicians and their instruments, including tambourines and maracas, achieving a full tribal sound.

Breaking into his first popular track Juramidam, Nick strums his guitar in the style of a Cuban don wondering if I truly saw, the very thing I came here for. Met by a buzz of excitement from the crowd, Mulvey moves on to Meet Me There with emotive vocal emphasis on the lyric, please.

Revealing his cute and inviting charm, Nick throws out a ‘Thank you Manchestaaaa’. Our perceptions of Nick Mulvey as a folk artist soon transition. Venus builds the crowd into a trance-like euphoria. Under the stained glass windows of The Albert Hall, the mesmerising atmosphere is upheld as Mulvey moves us with his chilling vocals on April.

Waking us from our hypnotic state, Nick blesses his audience before introducing I Don’t Want To Go Home – a song inspired by Glastonbury. A warm sense of unison fills the room as we identify with and reminisce upon the intense, fleeting nature of happiness found within the festival experience.

Under the command of a roaring stampede, Nick readily returns to the stage for his encore. First, we’re treated to a rendition of the Arctic Monkeys – Just Hold On We’re Going Home, as covered for BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge back in September 2014. Next, Nick leaves us in the spirit of anthem Nitrous, sampling 1996 clubbers-classic You’re Not Alone.

Nick Mulvey’s live show encompasses an eclectic sound that appeals to a broad audience from euphoric trance ravers, to traditional folk lovers, and anyone looking for that eerie groove of intense magic.