Nilüfer Yanya returns with ‘Crash’, the first cut from her upcoming ‘Feeling Lucky?’ EP


I kind of like the distance to keep you away from me.

Nilüfer Yanya – Crash

Queen of guitar-based indie pop, Nilüfer Yanya, has announced her new EP, ‘Feeling Lucky?’, due on 11th December via ATO Records. ‘Feeling Lucky?’ is the follow-up to 2019’s ‘Miss Universe’ LP.

The EP’s first cut, ‘Crash’, produced by Nick Hakim, is accompanied by a music video directed by Nilüfer’s sister, Molly Daniels.

Exploring the meaning behind her new song ‘Crash’, Nilüfer admits, “It feels difficult to try and explain a song that doesn’t want to be explained. My favourite thing about it is how there’s the twist at the end where the vibe changes and it’s almost like a version 2. I’ve been a fan of Nick [Hakim] for ages so it was really great to be able to work with him on ‘Crash’; his production definitely helped it come alive!”

Talking about the video, she adds, “Last year, doing a lot of touring I found myself becoming more and more anxious each time I boarded a plane , something which was new for me as I’ve never had a fear of flying. With each flight we took it felt like the turbulence was getting worse and I was convinced my luck was due to run out. I didn’t write ‘Crash’ about being on an aeroplane but I really like it visually as an embodiment of the song.”

The forthcoming EP – which features other tracks ‘Same Damn Luck’ and ‘Day 7.5093’ – centres around themes of unpredictability. In Nilüfer’s own words, “One of the songs had the theme of luck in it as a concept but then I realised they all do. That got me thinking about luck in general; good and bad. Things out of our control and things in control of us, how often we put acts and happenings down to the fortune of good luck or bad luck when things exceed our expectations or don’t go according to plan.”

‘Feeling Lucky?’ EP Tracklisting:
1. Crash
2. Same Damn Luck
3. Day 7.5093