Red Bull Culture Clash 2016, Team Mixpak all the way

The outcome of Red Bull Culture Clash 2016 will influence festival season 2017. You have to take this seriously. You have to sit up and pay attention.

In 2014, Red Bull Culture Clash pulled in over 1 million viewers online. Rebel Sound took the crown. Fast forward to this year, and London grime collective BBK are headlining Wireless Festival. Would this have happened without Culture Clash?

Wiz Khalifa knows lots of genres of music, his affiliations are power. But does he know the London crowd? We heard Wiley is ready. But will he show? Nostalgia is a strong card for UKG, but the audience is young. They want fresh. They want current. Will the classics cut it?

Tonight we’re backing the underdog. Mixpak. Murdaaaa. Why? Grime is so hot right now. And that’s sick. But it’s crucial we switch things up over here. The excitement generated by clashing is that you’re going to see and hear things that shock you. This is what drives us. Red Bull are known for pushing boundaries, and Mixpak are the crew to push those boundaries.

Saying that, you can’t underestimate anyone. All 4 crews have extensive teams around them. 2014 showed you need to come to battle prepared. You can’t be arrogant, no one has this in the bag, and that’s the beauty of culture clash. Anything can happen on the night.

The outcome of Red Bull Culture Clash 2016 will influence next year’s festival line ups. This is event more than a concert. Tonight will make the history books.

Bring it.  #CultureClash @RedBullUK