Angus & Julia Stone deliver a soul baring evening at London’s Royal Albert Hall

Unveiled in September, the Stones’ latest album ‘Snow’ is the latest in a body of work dating all the way back to 2006, when Angus & Julia first emerged from Sydney’s Northern Beaches with their signature harmonies and ethereal song craft.

Recorded in Angus’ Byron Bay cottage, ‘Snow’ is the first album written entirely in collaboration. And tonight at Royal Albert Hall, Angus and Julia Stone prove that they are so much better together –  for anyone who ever doubted it.

Photo by James Adams

With her nervous character and bold vocals, Angie McMahon is the perfect warm up. The audience soon fall silent as an unexpected and stunningly dramatic string quartet welcomes Angus & Julia Stone on stage. The duo’s dark lyrics delivered by angelic voices make you feel safe and calm. Their live sound is hypnotic, almost trance like.

It’s a soul baring evening. Even for Angus, who often leaves the talking to Julia. The duo are refreshingly open and honest about the meaning behind each song.

A few songs in comes Santa Monica Dreaming. Julia explains that the footage being shown in the background is of their Grandparents falling in love in their younger years. Julia wrote the song because she met a guy whilst in LA and was smitten – Julia had hoped to have found what her Grandparents had, but they split soon after she left LA. ‘I had to say goodbye to the dream’ she confesses.

It’s an emotional night for Angus & Julia because London is where they started out. After heartfelt introductions to their band mates, who Julia describes as gorgeous freaks of nature, every musician on stage is allowed plenty of time in the spotlight.

Around half way through we are treated to ‘Here We Go Again’, a song they produced here and haven’t played live in 8 years. Angus explains they wanted to perform it tonight because of the happy memories and special string arrangement.

Angus and Julia end the main set with ‘Chateau’ and tons of gold confetti. Latest single Chateau has struck a special chord with audiences around the world, proving a real highlight of their live show. The two of them completely let go and dance alone together in the glitter. The audience can see and feel their love for music and each other.

Met by standing ovation, Angus and Julia bring the dazzling evening to a close with a lullaby in the form of Take You Away’. For a headline show as special as this, you have expectations. It’s the Royal Albert Hall and Angus & Julia Stone who are known for their raw talent. The duo gave and gave on stage and received just as much back.

Photo by James Adams