Getting to know drum and bass producer Rockwell ahead of Horizon Festival

There’s no doubt that Tom Rockwell’s debut album ‘Obsolete Medium’ last year was a huge breath of fresh air for electronic music. Now we ready ourselves for the first official new music from Rockwell as he introduces ‘Chorus Of Disapproval’.

Rockwell is just one of the names heading to Horizon Festival in 2017. Having outgrown its previous home in Bulgaria, Horizon Festival is set for an exciting new chapter with even more diverse and eclectic sounds at its new home in Andorra.

Congrats on the forthcoming release of ‘Chorus Of Disapproval’, what can we expect from this EP?

There was a little less pressure to put forward a cohesive package of music, like I’d done with my 2016 LP ‘Obsolete Medium’, so it’s a snapshot of the sort of things I have been writing in the studio in the time since my LP was released. I’m into a lot of differing styles of music so these are a reflection of the various references I am looking to at the moment.

What’s one thing you ‘disapprove’ of at festivals?

Bad weather and bad toilets. I think thats a universal thing for everyone though.

Looking back on this year’s festival season, what were your highlights?

They all sort of bleed into one after a while, but Let It Roll was a highlight of this year as I had the pleasure to play on the Noisia Invites stage. There are certain festivals such as Outlook, or Dour that whenever they come into the calendar it brings a smile to your face.

You are part of Shogun Audio’s unique showcase at Horizon Festival. How has it been working with the Shogun family?

To be honest we have the perfect relationship – they leave me alone and don’t try to A&R me or push my music in any sort of direction so I’m really happy still being part of the camp. As its stands now I have a lot of control over my releases and how they look artwork-wise.

What can we expect from your Horizon Festival set?

Me playing records that I have written, and also playing records I like.

Will you be hitting the slopes?

Maybe not before my set because knowing my luck I’ll end up having to play on crutches, but definitely afterwards.

How does playing a festival compare to playing a club show?

There are positive and negatives of both. Festivals are not really the places to be testing new music and at certain festivals you have to be a little more ‘obvious’ with your selection – lots of builds and vocals. Small dark clubs you can roll tunes a little more and be a bit more selective because you’re not trying to captivate a large audience. I like both to be honest. I wouldn’t like to be solely a festival or a club DJ. The variation keeps it interesting.

What artists are you rating at the moment?

Dimension sent me something this week that is amazing, been loving the Alix Perez and Spectrasoul releases on their respective labels, and there’s also a crew out of Turin called The Dreamers who seem to have a really good ear for new and exciting producers – so anything that they put out is worth checking.

If you could select one track to get people excited for Horizon Festival 2017, what would it be?

The theme from Ski Sunday, obviously. Certified banger.