Royal Blood drench an appetite for the return of live music with new song ‘Typhoons’


When I thought appetite for live music couldn’t get any wetter, Royal Blood strike with a tropical cyclone.

‘Typhoons’ is the lead-single from Royal Blood’s highly-anticipated album of the same name. The long-awaited ‘Typhoons’ is set for release on 30 April 2021, via Warner Records UK.

Flashbacks, I’m not letting go
Tear me up, cast a shadow
I got game face but it’s all for show
Can’t give it up, blow my cover

‘Cause all these chemicals
Dancing through my veins
They don’t kill the cause
They just numb the pain

Royal Blood – Typhoons

It leaves you fuzzy and light-headed. Much like the rock bravado of Royal Blood vocalist Mike Kerr.

The Brighton duo took to Twitter to explain the song’s meaning: “Typhoons is what it sounds like to be truly lost in your own thoughts to a hellish extent but also about how dark spells, much like storms are not permanent… This song was one of those special moments where the process didn’t resemble writing whatsoever. More like being tethered to the earth, receiving holy lightning.”

Album title-track ‘Typhoons’ arrives hot on the heels of 2020’s sublime ‘Trouble’s Coming’, which premiered as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record, and made it onto Radio 1’s A List.

It’s cruel that Royal Blood are releasing music *this good* when we’re all stuck inside, but it also gives something to look forward to. It sounds like the wait is going to be absolutely worth it.