Sam Fender returns with striking new belter ‘Seventeen Going Under’


Sam Fender has returned with striking new belter ‘Seventeen Going Under’, the title-track from his forth-coming second studio album. Sam’s album is set for release on October 8 via Polydor Records.

Once again, on ‘Seventeen Going Under’, Sam’s personal story-telling lyrics are straight from the soul. Fender’s brazen music speaks to the kids growing up in working class towns. His are the stories to be told for the ones who feel they will never be able to get out and leave it all behind.

She said the debt, the debt, the debt
So I thought about shifting gear
And how she wept and wept and wept
Luck came and died round here

Sam Fender – Seventeen Going Under

Speaking about his upcoming album, Sam said: “This album is a coming of age story. It’s about growing up. It’s a celebration of life after hardship, and it’s a celebration of surviving.”

‘Seventeen Going Under’ was recorded in his hometown of North Shields and produced with Bramwell Bronte. See the album track list below.

  1. Seventeen Going Under
  2. Getting Started
  3. Aye
  4. Get You Down
  5. Long Way Off
  6. Spit Of You
  7. Last To Make It Home
  8. The Leveller
  9. Mantra
  10. Paradigms
  11. The Dying Light

Sam Fender is set to play a number of UK festivals this year including Neighbourhood Weekender and The Isle of Wight Festival.