Sam Fender calls for empathy this Christmas with cover of ‘Winter Song’


It’s good to hear Sam Fender’s voice again. The singer has shared a heart-wrenching cover of ‘Winter Song’, a 1970s folk song by Geordie band Lindisfarne.

Premiered as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record on November 24, Sam Fender explained he wanted to cover the song to help tackle issues with homelessness.

Sam’s lyric video for the song is in collaboration with People of The Streets (POTS), a social enterprise that seeks to meet the less tangible needs of people experiencing homelessness. 

In tandem with the POTS collaboration, Sam is also selling The Big Issue via his official webstore at– with vendors unable to work due to COVID restrictions, has partnered with The Big Issue will all profits going straight back to the magazine to be split between them and the vendors.

When the wind is singing strangely
Blowing music through your head
And your rain splattered windows
Make you decide to stay in bed
Do you spare a thought for the homeless tramp who wishes he was dead?
Or do you pull the bed-clothes higher
Dream of summertime instead?
When winter…
Comes howling in

Sam Fender – Winter Song (by Lindisfarne)

Talking about the lyrical relevance of the song, Sam said: “Christmas isn’t going to be the same for a lot of people this year, with everything that’s gone on with the pandemic, but also the whole song is a classic Christmas message of trying to be more empathetic of those who are worse off than you. I think it’s important for us, as people living through this pandemic, to appreciate what we do have.”

Looking ahead to gigs, Sam Fender revealed how excited he is to play live again: “It’s going to go off. Venues are going to need extra security because it’s going to be mad.”

Stream ‘Winter Song’ below.