Last Ever Secret Garden Party!

Secret Garden Party, the event that set the creative benchmark for festivals in the UK, announced today that this year’s event, July 20-23, will be the last ever SGP!

From humble beginnings, passionately independent Secret Garden Party has grown organically over the years. The festival has been a major hub for left-field, like-minded people eager to escape from reality.

secret garden party 2017

Secret Garden Party understand there is never a perfect time to announce this as either too early or too late would have consequences for the loyal gardeners.

Founder Freddie Fellowes says: 15 years ago I started out with a set of ideas as to what makes a good party and the most perfect venue for it. But rather than getting too excited and telling you about the phoenix we are going to raise from all of this, it bears explaining why we are lighting the fire.

Much has changed since our first Garden Party, when there was nothing else like it in the UK. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter had yet to be invented, and no one knew what a boutique festival was, let alone Glamping. 

This summer will be the almighty send-off that the Garden Party deserves.

Lots is changing in the festival landscape this year, with Bestival moving to Dorset, and new festival Eklectica taking its place.

Tickets for Secret Garden Party 2017 on sale now.