Sigrid shares video for new single ‘Sucker Punch’


Sigrid has done it again. Punched us in the face with another pop banger. New single Sucker Punch follows the Norwegian popstar’s critically acclaimed RAW EP and incredible festival performances across the summer.

Sigrid also drops an augmented reality lyric video using new technology, which has a ‘smartphone’ aesthetic mirroring the masses of social content that populates our life every day, with the augmented reality twist.

“Sucker Punch is one of my favourite songs so far and I’ve been so excited for release day! Emily Warren, Martin Sjølie and I made it when we were in Ocean Sound Recordings in my hometown a while ago. The song is just a result of our usual way of working: talking, cooking, strolling, singing, dancing, experimenting…! Ugh it was so fun – just like the track itself.” Says Sigrid