Sinead Harnett shows her vulnerable side on new single ‘If You Let Me’ feat. GRADES

Sinead Harnett is the music industry’s example of an artist with substance. A genuine talent who hustles and hands over big chunks of her heart to music. From her early days as a ‘feature artist’, unlike many other vocalists, Sinead has honed a consistent sound.

Honing a consistent sound doesn’t have to be restrictive, and it seems Sinead’s music is guided by her emotional state of mind. Previous releases She Ain’t Me and Do It Anyway showed an attitude-heavy change of pace from the subtle, percolating music Sinead’s done so far. If You Let Me takes us back to Sinead’s vulnerable side.

Returning to her more underground R&B roots, Harnett enlisted the help of GRADES. If You Let Me gets better with each listen. A refreshingly up-front and honest love story with a 90s vibe.