Tate McRae snaps back with new single ‘rubberband’


Tate McRae does not sugarcoat her feelings. Introducing one of our future festival headliners, with her first single of 2021, ‘rubberband’.

Describing the meaning behind her latest single, Tate explains: “snapping a rubberband is a way to get over something…. sometimes even a person. this song means a lot to me.”

I know that I have never been good at this
Love you in a second, next you know I’m checking out
Of moments I shouldn’t miss

Tate McRae

Propelled by TikTok popularity, Tate McRae, who first started making songs in her bedroom, blew up at the of 2020 with her commercial heartbreak banger, ‘you broke me first’. Her 2020 EP ‘all the things i never said’ turns vulnerable emotions into glossy pop music.

Tate’s sweet, raspy American voice pairs well with gritty production. With that recipe in mind, McRae is on her way to becoming dark pop’s next big thing.