The 1975 return with new pop single ‘The Sound’


The 1975 are back with an ambiguous and daring new sound, an album filled with love, desire and pop flare. The fresh sound since their first album back in 2013 is causing a buzz throughout the music world.

With 3 years since the band’s self-titled debut album, the industry speculated a maturer direction – and yet The 1975 have embraced a distinct ‘boy band’ identity, with arty dance songs and colourful videos. This rebellious and refined image is everything band frontman, Matt Healy, is known and loved for.

“I like to when you sleep…” is a messy compilation of alternative rock and dance pop, making it a challenge but a wonder to listen to and is already set to be the bands second chart topping album.

This new, unedited and essentially radical ‘boy band’ flare from the lads is proving to be everything that fans are waiting to hear. Even with these pop inspired songs, what’s stayed consistent is Healy’s confusing and ludicrous lyrics. He still remains individual from any other band with his use of words.