Top 14 festival anthems of 2014, including ‘Paolo Nutini – Iron Sky’


Looking back on a summer filled with bangers, we countdown the top 14 festival anthems of 2014. Get ready for the nostalgia and festival blues to hit.

ZHU – Faded

A clever tune, using a simple lyric in a very effective way. Faded by ZHU is our song to represent the length of last summer. With high temperatures from May to October, we had dreamy long days, pink sunsets, and lots of pretty sunlight. When the night came, the stars came out and we didn’t stop to sleep!      

Nick Mulvey – Meet Me There

‘Oh, there’s a field, meet me there’. Nick Mulvey wins songwriter of the year 2014. We did indeed meet him in many a field. This song symbolises the invincible summer found within us all. It’s melancholic and romantic. It’s a festival tearjerker. We’ve all been there. 

Catfish and the Bottlemen – Pacifier

For health and safety reasons, Catfish and the Bottlemen simply must be booted up to main stages next year. Tents exceeded capacity with energy levels reaching dizzying heights on the drop of this belter. Although Pacifier belongs to 2014, it’s still gaining plenty of radio play. Watch this band closely!   

Bipolar Sunshine – Deckchairs On The Moon

I hate this genre of music. This guy is my absolute favourite. Yeah, you get it, we all have bipolar tendencies. Adio Marchant is the man behind Bipolar Sunshine; a name he uses to characterise the unique juxtaposition in his music between happy melodies and sad lyrics. Deckchairs On The Moon is our whistle-along anthem of 2014.

Klaxons – Love Frequency

Technically speaking, this track truly defines ‘anthem’. It beats most songs on the list as mosh pit encouraged floor-filler. Loud, dramatic, catchy, compelling, fun, deep, mad, energetic, (I’m all out of adjectives… FEEL THE FREQUENCY)! Feel it!

Bastille – Oblivion

If you were in the crowd for Bastille last year, you’ll know mid-set Dan asked whether he should pick up the tempo or slow it down. Oblivion is what happens when he slows it down. And it’s beautiful. A moment to be cherished. 

Biffy Clyro – Machines

Mon The Biff (does anyone know what that actually means?). When Biffy Clyro are booked to headline a festival, you know something special is on the cards. While the brilliant onstage artwork is borrowed from their latest album, Opposites – it’s classic Machines that ignites anthemic festival magic. ‘I’ve forgotten how good it could be to feel alive’.   

Kings Of Leon – Temple

Excusing Caleb for his blatant lack of energy on the festival stage, Temple wins hottest festival anthem of 2014. This song gained quite a lot of radio play, and deservedly so. Released in late 2013, Temple turned up the heat in the run up to summer – and we love it for that.

Hozier – Take Me To Church

This song needs no explanation. It hits you where it hurts, in a very lovely way. We recently wrote about Hozier for our Artist Radar section, check it out if you want to learn more about the soulful voice that sound-tracked your summer 2014. This is the year for young Hozier.

George Ezra – Budapest

It goes without saying that George Ezra has a long, long, career in music ahead of him. Eventually, in years and years to come, little Geoff will make it to the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury. You most certainly heard it here first – and Budapest will forever be the track that propelled him to greatness.

Jungle – Julia

Julia wins quirkiest festival song of the year. It also wins most underrated track of the year. Jungle pull out all the stops when performing live, and are putting out sweet sweet music you can really sing AND dance to. Please let this be the beginning of a remarkable journey for Jungle.   

Augustines – Nothing To Lose But Your Head

Augustines play their entire set with real integrity. The stage is a place for lead singer, Billy McCarthy, to heel his grief-stricken heart, following the sudden death of his brother. Nothing To Lose But Your Head is a song about realising there is no right time – now is the time. Thank you Billy for your extra special acoustic delivery of this track over festival season.

Calvin Harris – Summer

In years to come when you look back on summer 2014 – this will be the song you hear. Instant nostalgia. Whether you like it or not, this tune has been the soundtrack to everyone’s summer. It achieved everything it set out to achieve, and even scooped up the award for ‘Festival Anthem of the Year’ at the official Music Festival Awards (UK).

Paolo Nutini – Iron Sky

Our number one spot goes to the God that is, Paolo Nutini. Iron Sky is more than just a festival anthem, it’s a festival story. This song creates beautiful moments between people, connecting festival crowds to the very field they stand in ~ reminding us all how moving live music can be. ‘You, the people, have the power to make this life free and beautiful, to make this life a wonderful adventure… let us use that power – let us all unite’.