Bicep share the video for instant-classic rave anthem ‘Glue’

Belfast-born, and London-based duo Bicep breezed through festival season 2017, with their set becoming the highlight for many at events such as Primavera Sound, Parklife, Glastonbury and more.

Inspired by the song’s homage to the rave era, Bicep have shared the video for ‘Glue’ by Joe Wilson. It is a series of landscapes which revisit the sites once brought alive by now infamous raves but today sit desolate and empty, retreating back to their former state with little to show of their impact they had on UK music culture.

Bicep’s latest release, the “Glue” EP, features two new tracks, ‘Metro’ and ‘DLR’, both embodying the same throttling yet atmospheric tunes featured throughout the full length.

With ‘Metro’ whose propulsive build takes cues from earlier single ‘Glue’ and the winding, acid-tinged groove of ‘DLR’, the duo continue to seamlessly minimize the divide between raw, big-room dance cuts and artfully crafted, often times deliberately restrained tracks fit for home listening.