Bonobo shares the video for ‘No Reason’, taken from his newly released album ‘Migration’

Last Friday, Bonobo released his sixth studio album. One of his most personal works to date, Migration is an exquisitely delicate record that explores the relationship between transience and identity.

Building on the record’s success comes the music video for recent single No Reason, featuring vocals by longtime friend Nick Murphy (formerly known as Chet Faker).

Oscar Hudson (Pulse Films), the UK Music Video Awards’ ‘Best New Director’ winner, is the maestro behind the video’s bizarre trip.

Of the video, Oscar Hudson said: ‘No Reason’ is such an evocative track, and it was clear from the start that our video would need to reflect this potency. Bonobo mentioned the inspiration behind the new album came from his relationship to landscape and place whilst on tour.

Whilst researching these themes I learnt about the Japanese phenomenon of the Hikikomori- young Japanese people who become so overwhelmed by the pressures of life that they retreat to their bedrooms for years at a time.