Sziget Festival shares ‘Wheels of Madness’, a documentary following the inspirational journey of a Foo Fighters super-fan


A new online documentary has been released that follows one fan’s inspirational journey to the Sziget Main Stage.

Striving to continually stretch it’s arms widely across inclusivity, Sziget invite you to learn about the closing moments of the festival’s 2019 instalment.

Triumphant and ecstatic scenes were transmitted around the globe, as fireworks erupted through the sky as the Foo Fighters played their headline set to a packed crowd of adoring fans.

Prior to launching into a rendition of their classic track “Everlong”, Foo Fighters’ frontman Dave Grohl pointed out one lucky fan, imploring the crowd to bring him to the stage. Between choruses, Dave Grohl shouted across the sea of people:

“He’s the fucking star of the show, right there!”

The overjoyed fan (and his wheelchair in tow) were lifted into the hands of the audience, as he made his way to the stage to end the set with a guitar-smashing finale. 

Prior to this moment, an independent film crew (Das Rund Film) had journeyed to Sziget to find out more about the star of the show, creating this heart-warming mini- documentary “Wheels Of Madness”.

As it turned out, Sziget’s crowd-surfing, guitar-smashing super-fan is 33-year-old Gal Mizrachi (AKA Gal Festival). A multimedia teacher from Tel Aviv, he has been attending Sziget every year for the past five years and intends to continue to do so.

In the documentary, we discover more about Gal’s festival experience and how it has changed his life for the better. Gal explains: 

“Sziget has changed my life. It’s my favourite festival and my favourite place on earth. It has taught me a lot about myself and about humanity, kindness, friendships and extended my music awareness to different artists from all over the world. It has proved to me that limitations only exist inside our minds. I’m a better person and a better friend because of Sziget. Thank you!”

Sziget continue to prioritise their inclusive focused approach, ensuring that “Szitizens” from all backgrounds can enjoy all that the festival has to offer.