Yaeji lets go of negativity on bonus track ‘When In Summer, I Forget About The winter’


Yaeji explores forgetfulness on her new song ‘When In Summer, I Forget About The Winter’. The song is a bonus track on Yaeji’s first full-length and entirely self-produced record, ‘What We Drew’ – (one of the best albums of 2020 so far.)

Speaking about her ‘What We Drew’ mixtape, released via XL Recordings, Yaeji confessed: “Each track is almost like a snippet of my life, a look into my diary or something, where it’s reflective of how I was specifically feeling during that time.”

Just as the clocks go back, ‘When In Summer, I Forget About The Winter’ arrives as a perfect soundtrack to the changing seasons. We are introduced to Yaeji’s soft, vulnerable side.

Sometimes it’s good to forget. Some things we choose to forget. Yaeji’s production floats on a loop, creating a swirling feeling. Seasons change, the world spins on its axis, and good times always roll back around.

Yaeji sings about moving on with the seasons and letting go of the feelings we choose to forget: loneliness, heartbreak, and winter blues.